Thursday, December 13, 2012

Paying Work Gets More Interesting

I originally meant for this blog to serve as a sort of outlet for finding my creative voice. The way I figure, how can you develop a voice if you never even learn to speak? Right? I initially felt or assumed that this would be a place mostly for the pursuit and presentation of personal, not-necessarily-lucrative projects. However, I am now thinking my blog will begin to evolve as I evolve; more specifically, I predict that I will become more comfortable presenting paying work as my creative endeavors become more closely aligned with my professional endeavors. 

I have struggled to balance handling the technical and logistical aspects of a project while also inserting passion and personal creativity. It's hard for me to do something truly innovative, or something that feels explorative or meaningful, when I'm hard-pressed with deadlines, budgets, scoping, dealing with clients, and often also trying something technically new or different--or trying to work with a resource, such as an animator or developer, where I am not very familiar with the technical aspects of the resource's expertise. There are just so many variables when producing any sort of tangible product or service. As I'm sure several other younger creatives figure out, I learned that I sort of needed to just jump into it and have been learning as much as I can along the way. The more at ease I become with all of those technical and logistical aspects, the more easily I am able to focus on things I'm passionate about (aka anything-storytelling-related in the world of graphic arts: content, pacing, how does the style/color/illustration relate to the narrative, etc... ummmmm love it!).

No one can insert passion into a project but you. And even that realization doesn't make it simple; there will always be variables. I might spend a lifetime trying to learn to put my heart on the page, or on the screen--but I think it's a worthy endeavor.

Long story short, this is a poster I co-art directed a few months ago for Alaska Communications. Enjoy!

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