Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Engineers without Borders Auction Pieces

These are two art pieces I submitted to the Engineers without Borders (Chicago Chapter) Charity Auction in the fall of 2011. The proceeds from the event helped create safer landfills for a rural community in Honduras. Both of my pieces sold! I made the artwork while at school--the top was a reproduction of pen drawings with digital color and the bottom was a color exploration assignment from a 2D Design class. I sold the original of the bottom one, created using acrylic paint.

Here was the flyer sent out for the event:

The auction was organized by my pal Ben Kaplan. To learn more about Engineers without Borders in Chicago or to become involved in this unique organization, visit their website here.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Painting from a Series Never to Be Born

This 8" x 8" painting was going to be a part of a series of 8" x 8" non-sequitur scenes telling a narrative through absence, but I think I have to drop this project in lieu of other (i.e. paying) projects. This is the only completed painting from the imagined series.

This painting was actually inspiration for the narratively suggestive screenprint I posted earlier. I'm really into Victorian wallpaper right now...I like to think about its more in depth implications to a visual narrative. Like, for example, in the narratively suggestive screenprint, the complex pattern on the wall behind the brooding boy helps enhance a viewer's understanding of the complexity of that moment or perhaps a tangle of emotions. Ya dig?