Friday, January 18, 2013

Business of Freelancing Q&A

I attended a very informative AIGA/Artisan Group lecture last night at the COOP in Chicago. Freelancing can be a tricky business, what with keeping track of/making tax deductions, insurance, legal components and contracts. I actually really dislike dealing with all of these things, but I figure if I'm better informed it will feel like less of a pain. I think it was a great idea to facilitate an event like this; business is an integral component to freelancing and must not be overlooked! I would even venture to say... being "good" at the business side of freelancing is almost as valuable as being "good" at the creative side of things, if that makes any sense.

Here are my illustrated notes from the lecture:

The guest speakers were Martin Kamenski of Rockstar CPA, Chris Johnson of Johnsonese Brokerage, and Michael Komessar of Komessar and Associates, LLC. 

More work coming this month--I'm kicking it into high gear in 2013, who's with me?!


  1. did i tell you this? those sketches of those speakers look JUST like them. you really captured their essence, Jenny. nice job.

  2. Thanks, I think I was just hoping that if I captured the essence of their looks, I would capture the essence of their teachings. Unfortunately, I'm still pretty confused by some aspects of freelance taxes, though...