Thursday, January 3, 2013

Children's Murals

Here is a mural I completed with two other artists this past weekend. It is the collaborative birth-child of mitsingen, a group facilitated by fellow artist Leah Tumerman. I like collaborating in and developing the mitsingen style because it is an interesting marriage of fine art principles and more simplified graphic elements. 

These murals are a private commission for two twin sisters, aged 6. One requested a bear tea party and the other a ninja riding a large bird. I would love to say this was some kind of diptych--they do relate visually in some ways--but they are actually on two separate walls in two separate bedrooms.

I've never had such young clients; working with them was certainly a new kind of thing for me--Although, oddly, the experience was comparable to some of my current adult clients in many ways.....Anyway, enjoy!

Other collaborating artist: Brandon Waltz


  1. Based on the children's requests, do you think they could suggest random stuff for me to draw when I can't think of anything? 'Cause ninja-riding-bird and bear-tea-party are both just awesome.

    Like the graphic style. Very nice.

  2. Haha! Totally! Thanks for your comment, Sarah. It's funny, they knew EXACTLY what they wanted, down to time of day (ninja is supposed to be "night", as shown by the requested inclusion of a "moon"). We actually pitched them a first round of sketches and they came back with critiques. lol.