Wednesday, January 23, 2013

On-Site Sketching Series: Part V

Here are some on-site drawings I made at Union Station in Chicago this past Sunday with my drawing club. They are made with micron pens, markers, and brush and ink. The girls sitting next to me when I was drawing Track 9 were from my hometown! I heard them talking about goings on in the town, amongst other hilarious college-aged banter (so over it, right?). Check out their insightful sound bite, and enjoy the art of live, on-location sketching!

You don't know it, but I think I have this woman gazing off at Pizza Hut in the Union Station food court. What, it's part of the experience, man...

I've been trying to work on refining my palettes and establishing a better hierarchy in the drawings, even if it means coming back in afterward and adding in flat color/other unifying elements. This requires some level of anticipation with the sketches. Like, I knew I would probably come back, at least in the first one, and add a semi-solid neutral color all over the foreground. It didn't make sense to take the time doing this while we were on-site. Too time consuming, and I didn't need the actual visual to make this design-driven element happen. You know? You get it.


  1. i like that you're taking it to the next level, focusing on hierarchy and things like that. nice.

  2. Thanks for noticing, Heidi! I am "kicking it into high gear" in 2013.