Monday, April 29, 2013

Mitsingen Mural for Playworks

Here is some artwork I recently helped complete for Playworks Chicago, a non-for-profit organization promoting play and recess for students in the city. They primarily focus on Chicago Public schools. The mural was completed through the mural group I collaborate with, mitsingen.

There were several challenges completing this mural for us both logistically and creatively, so I feel especially accomplished having come through the process with a unique product that will brighten Playworks' office space. 

On a related note, this will unfortunately be the last piece of art I collaborate on with mitsingen, as I am relocating to New York City! I will be attending a professional MFA program at School of Visual Arts called MFA Visual Narrative and continuing to pursue my career as an illustrator and designer.

Overall, my favorite aspect of the piece is the economy of space used with the figures--not a tactic typical to mitsingen, but I think it shows breadth in our toolkit of design skills. I also dig the approach we took to the buildings, inspired by 1960's illustration work. Fellow artist Brandon Waltz took this inspiration and came up with a specific design to fit the mural, which Leah Tumerman and I used as a roadmap to guide our painting. 

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