Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Digital Portrait

Here is a digitally painted portrait I made for Digital Media class at School of Visual Arts in NY. This was primarily a technical class, focusing on making images digitally. It was taught by Matt Rota, a really fantastic illustrator who uses digital practices in some of his professional work. 

This was my first digital portrait, and I did somewhat enjoy it. I gave myself the challenge of choosing a character who is very scary--this is Javier Bardem as that terrifying murder-y guy in the film No Country for Old Men--so that I could try to convey a mood within the art I was making. I gave myself this challenge because I can look at something and copy it pretty well when drawing, but it often just looks "copied" and sort of lifeless. In visual communication it is important to tell a story with whatever you are making, so I've been putting some effort into making my images work a little harder to convey a mood or feeling.

Here is the "under painting", completed digitally: 

Here is the stage where I put in most of the flats and was ready to blend things and get more detailed:

I give myself a C overall in terms of applying a mood to the painting. Not a super successful attempt, but not a failure either. He almost looks kind of dignified or something, which isn't great because his character is a deranged killer and he is not portrayed as dignified at all in the film.

More to come from the MFA Visual Narrative program in the future!