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Sunday, November 18, 2012

On-Site Sketching Series: Part III

Here is an image I made on-site at the Shedd Aquarium today:

I'm a little torn about the outcome of this drawing. I tried working with ink and brush rather than some variation of a market/pen combo that I usually lean toward for on-site work. There were a few drawbacks, including: slow process, materials taking up too much space and were too conspicuous, and inability to focus on the narrative while trying to handle the visual production.

Bottom line is, these drawbacks don't necessarily point to a problem with the medium (except for the space-taking/attention-drawing aspect)--I think that if I tried the ink and brush again with a more bold, gestural approach I could have a similar experience to the one I have with markers/pens.... but I can't help think, why not just use a brush pen??

Anyway, you don't need to hear me profess my love again for the art of on-site observational drawing--you get it. But the point is that the exploration continues!

I was accompanied on this artquatic adventure by fellow artists Brandon Waltz and Sarah Richardson. 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Jazzfest 2012 Visual Reportage

Here are some observational drawings I made at the Jazzfest in New Orleans. I am trying to do more drawing from life because it is good practice. It challenges an illustrator to make quick decisions about design, hierarchy, and actual visual form in order to convey best the story of the scene (or the illustrator's interpretation of the scene). Visual reporting puts your brain and hand under the pressure of interpreting movement and life.

There is something so true or honest about a drawing from life. When I am creating a drawing from my mind, I have time to think about exactly how I want the forms to look or how they SHOULD look, I have time to think about the appropriate environment and colors and medium. In the heat of the moment of observational drawing, though, you don't have a lot of time to "make things up". Even if you do, it's a quick decision to help convey your observed story. 

These are made with colored pencil and graphite. I actually would have liked to try and make the drawings in ink, but I chose to fill up my liquid bag for my airplane carry-on with toiletries. I question that decision, in retrospect...

Please see the observational drawings of my dear friend and former classmate Meredith Nelson, for further viewing. She is a marker specialist and is well-seasoned in the art of visual reportage.